pyrenn: A recurrent neural network toolbox for python and matlab

Maintainer:Dennis Atabay, <>
Organization:Institute for Energy Economy and Application Technology, Technische Universität München
Date:Jun 30, 2018
Copyright:This documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.


Get Started

  1. download or clone (with git) this repository to a directory of your choice.
    • Python: Copy the file in the python folder to a directory which is already in python’s search path or add the python folder to python’s search path (sys.path) (how to)
    • Matlab: Add the matlab folder to Matlab’s search path (how to)
  2. Run the given examples in the examples folder.
  3. Create your own neural network.

Dependencies (Python)

  • numpy for mathematical operations
  • pandas only for using the examples